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Prayer: Our Most Powerful Tool for Judicial Renewal

At Judicial Action Group, our Christian faith guides our pursuit of the mission of Judicial Renewal. The Constitution provides us with many ways to check and balance the Judiciary. However, the most powerful force to advance our mission is also the most simple: prayer.

As Americans, we have a responsibility to ensure that our government functions legitimately within the rules set by the Constitution.

As Christians, we have a duty to pray for our leaders (2 Timothy 2:1-2) - regardless of their faith, political ideology, actions, and position. Certainly, there is a difference between praying for their success versus their submission. However, there is no doubt that we are called to pray for them.

We encourage everyone to pray for our Nation, and particularly for our Judicial Branch of government, however they feel led. Below is a prayer you can join us in praying daily, and an outline to guide additional prayers. 

“Father, in the name of Jesus, grant America judicial renewal. Please cause our judges to forsake legislating from the bench and return to their honorable role of deciding cases. Please grant your people the methods and the courage to hold the judiciary accountable.” 

When praying for all our current Judges: pray that God would work in their hearts that they might forsake legislating from the bench, and return to their proper and noble role of deciding cases under law. Pray that they would recognize God, and His Law, as the ultimate authority to which they are held accountable. 

Supreme Court Justices

  • Chief Justice John Roberts
  • Associate Justice Samuel Alito
  • Associate Justice Stephen Breyer
  • Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Associate Justice Elena Kagan
  • Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy
  • Associate Justice Antonin Scalia
  • Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor
  • Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
Lower Courts
  • Judges of the U.S. Courts of Appeals (Circuit Courts)
  • Judges of the U.S. District Courts (Trial Courts)
  • Judges of the State Courts (Trial and Appellate Courts)

Judicial Nominees

Often, judicial nominees serve in the Judiciary for decades. It is wise to pray for judges with exceptional fervor, because their decisions will continue to impact Americans for generations:

  • Wisdom for the President in selection of judicial nominees
  • Wisdom and fortitude for the Senators who will review and confirm those nominated, and
  • The nominees themselves as they enter into a rigorous process of intense review which often requires them to defend a lifetime of ideas and decisions.

Isaiah 1:26 – I will restore your judges as in days of old, your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City. 

Interested in joining our Prayer Corps? Email us at: info@judicialactiongroup.org