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Our Mission: Judicial Renewal

The JAG mission can be summed up in two words:  Judicial Renewal.  Judicial Renewal happens when judges stop legislating from the bench and return to their proper and noble role of simply deciding cases according to the laws of the land.  JAG works for Judicial Renewal by: (1) researching and lobbying for and against judicial appointments, (2) developing and lobbying judicial accountability pieces of legislation in Congress, and (3) intercessory prayer for “Judicial Renewal”.  By returning the judiciary to its proper role of deciding cases and not legislating from the bench, JAG will re-empower Congress, the States, and the People to make laws that favor life, marriage, decency, private property, religious freedom, and other vital American values.

In order to understand the strategic, unique, and targeted mission of Judicial Action Group, (JAG), it is important to first understand the current lay of the political landscape in America. The late Justice Antonin Scalia rightly observed that America is engaged in a culture war, and a majority of the Justices on the United States Supreme Court have not only erred by taking sides in that culture war, but have taken the wrong side. Candid observers on the left and right agree that the outcome of the culture war is being decided in the judiciary.

In most legislative instances, we are winning the cultural battles, but losing the cultural war. In most instances, we are winning the battles for life, the battles for marriage, the battles against child pornography, and the battles to preserve our national relationship with God. However, our legitimate victories in these cultural battles have been unscrupulously swiped by leftist judges.

 From Our President



"The battle for the judiciary holds in balance the outcome of the current culture war raging in America."

~ Judge Charles Pickering, President Bush Nominee to U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals