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Judge Cory Wilson a Great Pick for the 5th Circuit

Mississippi Senators Roger Wicker and Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith are to be commended for their bold and wise recommendation of Judge Cory Wilson as the next judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Of course, President Trump deserves great credit for the nomination, but Senators Wicker and Hyde-Smith played a huge role in Wilson's nomination.

Posted here is Judge Wilson's questionnaire that was posted on the Senate website when he was nominated to the District Court. It will be updated shortly to reflect additional information for the Fifth Circuit nomination.

Please call and thank Senator Wicker at (202) 224-6253, and Senator Hyde-Smith at (202) 224-5054 for recommending Judge Wilson to President Trump.

Senate Leader McConnell plans to proceed with hearings on judicial nominees when the Senate returns to work May 4, 2020.


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