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Pray Through The Tape

If our work and prayer for the nomination and confirmation of Judge Barrett were a mile race, then we have just rounded the final turn and are sprinting for the line.

We've all seen those tragic videos where the lead runner celebrates too early and gets beat at the tape. So, let's not be that guy. Let's run and pray through the tape.

And when this present "nomination and confirmation" race is over, catch your breath and get ready for the next race. This present race can likened to "the mile," but the next one is more like "the marathon." More on that later.

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On the topic of prayer, I want to share a JAG piece that appears today in one of my favorite publications: The Stream. It explains our prayer strategy for Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her family and incorporates the Biblical Precedent of I Samuel 14.

We have seen God move miraculously pursuant to this precedent by causing the enemy to melt away, to attack each other, and to flee from the battlefield. Therefore, we "Thank God" for His miraculous intervention! Now we boldly ask Him to do the same thing in our present election battles!

You can read The Stream piece here.

Respectfully, Phillip L. Jauregui

Judicial Action Group


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