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Report: Barrett Favorite of Trump, His Base, and The Senate

The Dispatch recently confirmed that Judge Amy Coney Barrett remains the favorite of President, The Senate and the Conservative Base to be the next Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. https://thedispatch.com/p/big-cases-divisive-decisions-and

Sarah Isgur reported:

In talking to more than a dozen current and former lawyers in the administration, there’s no question that Amy Coney Barrett, a popular choice among Republicans last time, is the president’s most likely pick.

As one former White House counsel lawyer put it, “Judge Barrett has been a star on the 7th Circuit and has the sort of magnetic personality and inspiring personal story that would make her a cultural icon for conservatives the way Justice Ginsburg currently is for liberals.”

Perhaps channeling what motivates his former boss, this attorney added,  “plus she’s a Trump nominee already and so the president would be entitled to complete credit for appointing her to the Supreme Court.”

Another said, “It’s Amy and I don't think there is a serious debate unless the vetting process uncovers something significant that wasn't uncovered the first time.” 

A veteran attorney from the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch confirmations added that Barrett, “has already proven that she can make it through the [Senate Judiciary Committee] gauntlet (despite the Dems best efforts), is a favorite of the base who will rally to support her, and can take up [Justice Ginsburg’s] feminist mantle because she is the epitome of ‘having it all’.”


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