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The Barrett Recusal Trap

President Trump often remarks that Nominations to the Supreme Court are perhaps his greatest achievement. If that is true - and I think it is - then nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the United States Supreme Court may be the best decision of President Trump’s Presidency.

She has the best judicial philosophy of any judicial nominee in at least the last decade, is brilliant, and has a compelling personal story. In addition, the image of Judge Barrett, her husband, Jesse, and their seven beautiful children doubtless had a major impact on families across the Nation.

So, the left is in a quandary: their base wants war, but realists like Senator Dick Durbin believe they “can’t stop” Barrett’s confirmation.

If liberals are unable to defeat Barrett, then they will surely use the process to gain other advantages in the Presidential, Senate, and House elections. Their chief election strategy seems to be to “cheat by vote by mail” wherein they create electoral chaos, blame Republicans for the chaos, then file lawsuits, and run to their formerly favorite branch of government: the courts.

The courts have been the left’s last bastion of hope over the last five decades. When the legislative branch prevents the liberal political agenda, liberals rely on their comrades in the judiciary to perform a little judicial legislation and magically manifest a political result under the guise of “judging.”

However, if Barrett is confirmed, she would be unlikely to put up with any of the left’s attempts to pervert the judiciary, usurp legislative power, and re-write the text of election laws to benefit election cheaters.

Knowing this, the left may game to recuse her from voting on the largest landmark case in decades.

The Recusal Trap

The left may use Judge Barrett’s Hill visits with Senators and hearing as an opportunity to lay “Recusal Traps for Judge Barrett” over developing election cases.

Jeff Sessions was faced with the deep state’s “be a man of honor and recuse yourself” routine, and it allowed the Mueller-Weissmann team to take over the Department of Justice for two years. The deep state would love to make the same “Honorable Demand” of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the form a “Motion to Recuse.”

The White House Counsel's Office and their Confirmation Team is doubtless well aware of this tactic, but let me explain to you one way it might go down.

During Hill visits Senators will engage in light-hearted "get to know ya" banter with Barrett about certain current events, i.e., "facts." These democrat Senators and their lawyers will subsequently place these facts into the record of election cases. Senators will also ask questions about election law, cases that touch on election law, political parties, Joe Biden personally, Kamala Harris personally, and whatever else they have gamed out as “material” they can throw into a “Motion to Recuse Justice Barrett” to be filed when election cases come before the Supreme Court.

What if Barrett expresses an opinion, a thought, a word, a nod of the head, on even one current event, fact, or election law case? Democrats would surely “rely” on that "fact" or "case" when they build their election cases and argue that Barrett cannot decide their case, because Barrett prejudged the facts or cases.

We need a fully functioning nine-member Supreme Court seated as soon as possible and we need all nine Justice voting and free from demands for recusal. The Democrat election plan relies on chaos, confusion, and courts. So, it is likely that the United States Supreme Court may well be called upon to settle this election and prevent the most dangerous constitutional crisis since The Civil War.

In his book “Seven Women,” Eric Metaxas describes Joan of Arc’s God given supernatural gifts of knowledge and discernment. May the Lord grant Judge Barrett and her White House advisors a similar sense of knowledge and discernment to protect them from the deceptive, dishonest, democrat attempts to disqualify her from performing the duties she will soon be empowered to perform.


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