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The Stream Interview

The Stream published a well written interview of JAG concerning President Trump's upcoming new list of SCOTUS prospects, and JAG's "Justice Standard" for measuring the prospects and the process.

The full interview is available here and below is an excerpt that explains why the Supreme Court matters:

"Conservatives could ignore the Supreme Court — if Justices went back to doing their job. That would mean deciding cases according to the laws that are passed over in Congress. Judges are not to legislate from the bench and create new so-called rights like abortion. So it would be wonderful if conservatives could just focus on congressional and presidential elections.
"Let’s say conservatives win and achieve great pro-life and other victories on social issues. Right now, due to dishonest referees over in the judiciary, those victories are being stolen. So conservatives have to deal with the Supreme Court institutionally or any other victories will ultimately be stolen."

Recommended Action: Please go to The Stream, read the article, and thank The Stream for focusing on the importance of the Supreme Court.


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