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Triple Crown

In horse racing, the “Triple Crown” only occurs when the same horse wins all three big races in the same season.

If American Politics had a Triple Crown it would occur when one political philosophy wins all three branches of government – Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court – at the same time.

Tomorrow promises to be determinative because both political philosophies are vying for the governmental “Triple Crown.”

The Liberals are threatening to hold the House, take the Senate and the White House and then use that power to pack and re-take the Supreme Court.

The Conservatives find themselves in a different position. Presently, they do not hold the House, but do hold the Senate, the White House, and may have a constitutional majority on the Supreme Court.

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So, what will happen tomorrow? Will we have divided government? Will one philosophy win the Triple Crown?

Unlike horse racing, you are not a spectator in the electoral events unfolding tomorrow. You will determine the winners. Therefore, I urge you to do three things:

(1) vote early,

(2) pray for honest elections to be won by candidates that love God and our Constitution, and

(3) encourage like-minded friends and family to vote.

Our Horse

One of the best movie scenes is from “Secretariat” when the big red horse makes the turn for home in the third race of the Triple Crown and runs away from the field – winning by thirty-one lengths!

That scene is not just a great story; it actually happened.

Likewise, what happens in the elections tomorrow is real. It will determine whether America lives. I'm not much of a betting man, but I do pray from time to time. So, I'm putting all my prayers on "America" to not only survive, but to win The Triple Crown of the House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court. And, I pray she has a margin of victory like Big Red.


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